About Sushi

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There are a couple of common misconceptions about sushi as a whole which many people still believe…

Misconception No 1

Sushi does not mean raw fish!!!

Sushi actually translates as ‘Vinegared Rice’ in Japanese, so it’s about the rice rather than the things that go with it. At ichiban we know sushi can be a bit daunting to many people so we use no raw fish in our products, instead we use Smoked Salmon, Smoked Mackerel, Cooked Tuna and Cooked Prawns.


 Misconception No 2

Sushi is not just about fish!!!

True, the majority of traditional sushi is fish based but in more modern sushi in Western countries you can now find chicken, duck, vegetables and a lot more familiar ingredients and flavours. Really you be as creative as you like with sushi…any flavour, any filling!