About ichiban

Our Vision

 “To build and maintain a profitable, customer-focused food business through high quality, innovative products that are an inspiration to the market and which will appeal to all generations.”


Here at ichiban UK, we pride ourselves on the high quality of the sushi we produce and believe customers should have the best possible product. Our view is that this should never be compromised, therefore we have a dedicated team of Quality Assessors working round the clock to ensure all our products meet the high standards we have in place. Our site maintains BRC accreditation as well as a 5 star EHO food safety rating.


Japanese authenticity is at the heart of everything we do at ichiban. We use traditional Japanese methods in the production of our sushi, all our rice is cooked in 5kg pots in individual ovens, similar to how they do in Japan. Last year we cooked around 900 tonnes of rice in total – that’s 180,000 individual pots!

We top all our nigiri blocks by hand so that every topping is placed accurately and neatly on the block of rice. Last year we topped 21 million nigiri blocks, all done by hand! Our salmon and mackerel nigiri pieces are also all hand cut by our expertly trained fish cutters to ensure each piece is cut to perfection.


We are continually seeking to improve our products and bring new and fresh ideas into our sushi, we are proud to have been presented with 2 customer awards for our development work and one of our products being a grocer award finalist in 2012.  Our team work with a customer focused and creative attitude to develop products that give an innovative and Western twist on traditional Japanese sushi. We believe in working together with our suppliers to bring new and exciting products into the sushi market.

After undertaking extensive market research, we found that nori seaweed put many people off sushi. This led us to begin working with one of our suppliers to bring fruit wraps into our sushi. These colourful additions bring fresh and fruity flavours into our products and are a vibrant alternative to the traditional nori seaweed.

Market Knowledge

Here at ichiban we pride ourselves on really understanding the sushi market and why people love to buy sushi. It’s that knowledge that helps us work together with our retail partners to build better product ranges that our customers really want to buy.


Did You Know?

– Pre-packed sushi sold in supermarkets is worth over £80m

– Customers enjoy eating over 40m packs of sushi a year

– Each year, more and more people are choosing sushi as a snack, lunch or on-the-go meal

[Source: Nielsen 2014]


Our factory nestles in the heart of idyllic Suffolk countryside, we are continuously aware of the environment around us and our impact upon it. We are committed to becoming a greener company and have set the following targets in place to achieve this:

– 15% Carbon reduction over the next 3 years

– 5% Water use reduction over the next 3 years

– Installation of biomass boiler in 2015 to reduce CO2 levels by 665 tonnes

– 99.9% of our waste is recycled