How to Eat Sushi

Sushi can often seem difficult to eat and people are unsure whether to use hands, chopsticks or cutlery. The truth is…you can eat it however you want!

We have created a simple step by step guide to eating sushi in the traditional way:


1. Place soy sauce and wasabi on individual side plates

2. Pick up chopsticks

3. Pick sushi piece up with chopsticks (if too difficult fingers can be used)

4. Dip sushi in soy sauce (and wasabi if desired) WARNING – Wasabi is very strong, only use a small amount

5. Eat sushi in one bite

6. Eat ginger before moving onto other sushi pieces, to cleanse the palate


Soy Sauce – A salty sauce which sushi is dipped into to add flavour

Wasabi – A hot and spicy Japanese horseradish which aids digestion when eating raw fish but can also be used to add a ‘kick’ to the sushi

Ginger (Gari) – Palate cleanser to have between sushi pieces